KIEV/USA, a division of Lens Exchange, was founded by Saul Kaminsky as the sole factory-authorized distributor in the USA for sales and service of Kiev medium format cameras, lenses, and accessories... plus Horizon panoramic cameras, Zenit cameras, and Krasnogorsk movie cameras. Recognizing that there were many questions regarding the reliability of untested photographic gear made in the former Soviet Union, Saul founded Kiev/USA with a pledge to make sure that buying a Russian or Ukranian camera was not like playing Russian Roulette. Click here to learn more about Kiev/USA in Saul Kaminsky's own words.

Like our name says, the heart and soul of our operation is the sales and service of Kiev medium format products. It is one thing to just import and sell these cameras but, as anyone who had purchased one before we came on the scene could tell you, it's very much another thing to bring these cameras up to the quality level which the American consumer has come to expect in their photographic equipment. We at Kiev/USA are dedicated to making your purchase and ownership of Kiev cameras and accessories as trouble-free as possible. With our FREE exclusive one-year warranty, and our 30-day return policy, you can be thoroughly comfortable buying your Kiev equipment from us.

Feel free to browse though our website to see what we do, what we sell, and what we can do to help you get the most out of your Kiev camera equipment.

While you're here, also remember that we carry an amazing array of collectible Russian cameras, ranging from FED to Zarya, including names such as Sputnik, Lomo, Sport, Leningrad, Moskva, Start, Skolnik, Lubitel, Narciss, Iskra, Krystall. Most of these are fully manual, most are 35mm or medium format, and were produced in Russia during the 30's through the 60's. We also have some very rare pre-30's models! Just call us at 203-300-0300 or email us with your inquiry.

To top it all off, we carry a wide selection of other precision Russian import specialty items such as loupes, binoculars, telescopes, night-vision scopes, and Russian watches. Your inquiries are always welcome.

To help keep you informed on Kiev USA products, we present the following links to magazine articles, news articles, and further information on our products:

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